Posted by: dcomm | May 30, 2010

Have you developed the profile of your ideal customer?

Taking the extra time to develop detailed profiles of customers you need to acquire is well worth it.

After all, why invest a lot of time in a relationship with a customer who buys from you once in a while? Or is struggling to pay your invoices on time? Start things off right by going after a select group of people or businesses who will deliver on what you need to thrive.

When creating your customer profiles, don’t be shy in stating some of the more obvious desirable characteristics about your ideal customer such as:
a) Purchases multiple times per year;
b) Purchases in volume;
c) Has good credit rating & pays on time;
d) Doesn’t price shop;
e) Places a high value on developing loyal business relationships;
f) Good planners & communicators;
g) Well organized & financed;
h) Happy and appreciative of the products or services you sell.

The last one is interesting? In my opinion life is too short to spend time with people who don’t appreciate you – especially when there are plenty of people who will.


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